NBA 2K13: Executive Produced By None Other Than JAY Z

And Jay Does It AGAIN!

Powermat, Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn Nets… Now the man puts that delicate business touch on a game that I worship. NBA 2K13 will be executive produced by JAY Z. To what extent, the world does not know, but his name is PLANTED on the latest trailer for the game. The trailer also has cameos from MVP Derrick Rose, Scoring Champion Kevin Durant, maestro of the dunk Blake Griffin, who all grace the cover this year, and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan. There’s a voice over from His Airness and JAY Z’s Public Service Announcement playing in the background.

There’s also a rumored “Dynasty Edition” coming out that includes All-Star content (slam dunk, three-point shootout), 2K Sports Skullcandy earbuds, a “NBA 2K13” controller skin and a full-size “NBA 2K13” Spalding basketball.

NBA 2K13 drops on Oct. 2nd on all major consoles. Check out the trailer below.

Signed, breuckelen.

Music is my RELIGION. – Jimi HENDRIX
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